Hi, this is Angel Ginn, owner of Abbot Village Crafters.  I began painting as a hobby over 20 years ago.  I am a Maine native and self taught artist.  I try to portray the beauty I see everyday in my paintings.  Each piece is hand-painted with care, and no two are alike.  My work captures the spirit of Maine in decorative as well as functional items.  Along with my artwork, I display over 20 other crafters merchandise in my shop.  I hope you enjoy!

               Slate Shingles

These slate shingles were once used on a homestead in the Monson, Maine area which is known for it's many slate quarries.  These slates hang by a rawhide cord .  Choose one of these scenes or describe what other picture you would like when you order.

           Saw Blades  and Handsaws

The saw clocks are approximately 7 1/2" in diameter.  The handsaws are approximately 23" long.  All products are protected against rust.  Again choose one of these or pick your own!

               Tree Mushrooms

Each of these mushrooms are hand picked off dead or dying trees in Maine.  Once these mushrooms are dried, they are indestructible.  They become as hard as wood.  Take a little piece of the Maine Woods home with you!  Sizes vary from 2" across to 2' across. 

  Deer Horn and River Rock Jewelry and Magnets

Deer Horn Jewelry is made from authentic deer horn slices.  Necklaces hang from a leather cord with beads.  Earrings are hung on silver or gold plated wires.  River Rock Jewelry and Magnets are the smallest product I paint.  These magnets and jewelry pieces are made from river rocks gathered in the Piscataquis river

Other specialty items to ask about!

Painted Moose horns, Barrel Staves, Large Gourd Bird Houses, (they are awesome!!)

And much, much more!!

The Artist and her Products

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